Welcome to Lamp Ant Games

We are a bunch of people from different backgrounds with one big thing in common:

The love for videogames and the emotions they can create.

On our first project as a group we created a game that would set the bar for what we want to do:

Create games based on three big "rules".

1. Inclusiveness

Games are for everyone, and we mean it. Therefore we try to create games that are accessible to as many people as possible. On our first game we designed it to be completely playable by those with vision impairment or even blindness. And we didnt stop there, we also created a onebutton controlschedule to make it easier to play for those gamers with reduced motorical skills.

We will continue to make our games accessible to as many as we can.

2. Originality

We don't want to do what already have been done. That means we go where no one (well, very few atleast) has gone before. That includes odd themes, quirky mechanics or even specialbuilt custom controllers.

Again looking back on our first game, we deal with the subject of oppression and free speech since it takes place in a fictional country ruled by a dictator. And to top it off we built a custom controller that we use at expos to really enhance the immersion of the game.

Remember the expression "Think outside the box"?

Well.... we lost our box.

3. Laughs

People need to laugh every now and then, and we think thats great. Laughter is one of the things that drives us. We leave the survival horrorgames and zombieshooters to other companies and we thrive to make games that, if not leave you ROFL:ing, atleast brings out a smile and a chuckle. The inspiration to the comedy in our games comes from all kinds of influences, everything from Charlie Chaplin to Rick and Morty. For example, in our first game we try to keep a Monty Phyton:esque tone in the dialogue.

We laugh while we make the games and we hope you laugh while playing them!

Our guideline:

Every game we create will have atleast two of these fundamental ingredients, not because its "hip" or "cool" but because we try to do things a bit different here at Lamp Ant Games.

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